Dinner For One…


I’m cooking roasted duck tonight for the first time. With any luck, I won’t actually burn the house down. But it’s only me and my brother tonight and he just told me he may have a better dinner offer…

 Do you think cooking a meal that takes 4 hours just for yourself is excessive?

   — Ameena

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3 Responses to Dinner For One…

  1. TB says:

    How did Daffy turn out btw?

  2. If I had four hours of free time I’d personally shoot the duck, skin it, then cook it…I wouldn’t eat it though, just because I probably wouldn’t be hungry.

  3. samaha says:

    Well, if it was me and I was alone (having 3 children – that almost never happens) .. I would probably for a good week be eating out of a can or microwave meals just because that would be pampering myself – being able to take it easy not having to worry about it being healthy and balanced – no dishes to wash after. After that week was over though – I’m sure I’d be so sick of that that I would definately spend four hours cooking a nice meal for myself – it would probably be the kind of meal that my kids hate, that’s very fattening and not worry whatsoever about what vegetables to have alongside.

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